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HST Blog

Nov 15
A Day in the Life of Office Administrator Thabo Komape

By Siyabonga Gema, HST Communications Officer

Thabo Komape.png

HST's Durban-based Office Administrator, Thabo Komape, exudes positive energy with a touch of modesty. Thabo's role at HST entails providing comprehensive administrative support to project staff and management in order to ensure that projects within the organisation operate smoothly and efficiently. In his role, Thabo is in charge of processing travel, accommodation and conferencing requests, fleet management, replenishing consumables, processing expenses claims, managing car wash accounts and advances, and managing the asset database for various project amongst many other duties entailed in his role. We recently had a chat with Thabo to get to know him better.


How did you hear about HST and what made you want to join this organisation?

I was introduced to HST via various social media platforms when I was in search for an organisation that had internship opportunities available. I join HST because I wanted exposure and experience in the field I had studied. Being a part of the great work that HST does was also a motivating factor.

What has been the highlight/s of your career at HST?

Working with the various stakeholders in pursuit of ensuring that staff are upskilled will always remain a highlight in my career as contributing to the growth of people fulfils me. The opportunity to work on the Border Health project was also a highlight for me as that is where I was exposed to most of HST processes and I got the opportunity to travel.

How have you grown within your role at HST?

I started my career at HST as a HR/Training Intern and growth began when I was absorbed as an administrator in the training unit (Health Systems Training Institute) where I gained extensive experience in the training and development field. I am currently an office administrator and I work on a number projects which I believe has given me more exposure and experience, which translates to growth.

What is the one thing that people don't know about you?

I might come across as a reserved person, however I absolute love working people and that is probably the reason I love the work that I do.

What inspires you?

Individuals that overcome adversity inspire me because life will always have challenges and seeing people overcome these challenges gives encouragement to keep trying.

Name one vital skill that one must possess to excel in a role like to yours.

Office Administrators provide the critical function of ensuring that organisations run smoothly and a vital skill that I feel is critical to excel in this role is great customer service as we work with a variety of stakeholders that need to be dealt with professionally.

The best advice you've ever received?

In relation to the professional environment the best advice I've received was that one needs to always remember why you are at work and the most important thing is to do your work to the best of your ability. In my personal life the best advice I have ever received is that one should never give up on your dreams no matter the circumstances and I ensure that I put God first in everything I do.

What are your future aspirations?

My future aspirations are to become a leader in roles I will occupy in the future and make a meaningful impact in society.



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