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HST Blog

May 28
A Day in the life of the Health Systems Trust’s SyNCH Helpdesk Supervisor, Zinhle Mnguni

by Siyabonga Gema – HST Communications Officer


Meet Zinhle Mnguni, the Health Systems Trust's (HST's) SyNCH Helpdesk Supervisor, who says she draws her inspiration from witnessing other people triumph over adversity. Zinhle, who is no stranger to HST, recently took up a new role and we caught up with her to learn more about what this new chapter means to her and what she has up her sleeve as she navigates her HST career.

Please share your professional and educational background

I hold a Diploma in Information Technology and joined HST under Columbus, HST's ICT service provider, as a SyNCH ICT Technician from 2017 to 2019. In February 2021, I was appointed as a SyNCH Helpdesk Consultant supporting KwaZulu-Natal under Columbus. In April this year, I was appointed as SyNCH Helpdesk Supervisor.

What influenced you to join the health sector?

Helping others, making a difference in people's lives and contributing to improving the health outcomes of all people was a strong motivator for me to join the health sector. The government's initiative and policies aimed at improving healthcare outcomes and increasing access to healthcare also created an attractive environment for me.

How are you finding your new role?

As a SyNCH Helpdesk Supervisor, I am enjoying taking responsibility and getting an opportunity to mentor and lead a team. Although it comes with new challenges compared to my previous role, and my day to day work routine has changed a lot, I am open to growing and developing new skills.

How do you think technological advances benefit the health sector?

Technological advances have revolutionised the health sector in numerous ways, and I'm excited to share some of the benefits:

  • Monitored/Governed access to the health systems to protect patient level data.
  • Remote monitoring of patients.
  • Promotion of rational medicine use principles
  • Improved and fast communication between health facilities and their service providers.
  • Easy access to the reports that are available electronically to improve patient care.

What is most fulfilling about your job?

As a Helpdesk Supervisor, I have a unique opportunity to make a positive impact on people's lives by resolving their issues and concerns. When I help someone resolve their issues, I get a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment knowing that I made a positive difference in their day.

I am also developing strong relationships with my team members and stakeholders. I get to understand their challenges, empathise with their frustrations, and build trust with them.

This job requires you to think critically and creatively to resolve complex issues. You must stay up-to-date with new developments and solutions, which can be engaging and stimulating.

What does your typical day at work look like?

Every day is different in this role when supervising seven provinces that are implementing SyNCH and there are always new challenges and opportunities to learn and grow.

From 8:00, I do my morning routine: checking emails; responding to urgent messages and escalating when necessary. I then prepare and organise team meetings to discuss priorities, goals, and ongoing issues or concerns. Part of my role entails tickets management where I monitor ticket updates and resolutions, escalate tickets to relevant stakeholders and provide team support and guidance as needed. Another aspect involves consolidating reports and analysis on a monthly and quarterly basis, and fostering ongoing collaboration through meetings to discuss SyNCH project issues and best practices.

What inspires you?

The personal experience of overcoming a challenge, learning a new skill or achieving a goal is my very powerful source of inspiration. Hearing about other people's experiences, struggles and triumphs can be incredibly inspiring.

How do you do away from work?

I am a very family orientated person. I spend most of my time with my family and my three beautiful kids.

What does the future hold for Zinhle?

I am willing to further develop my skills to stay competitive in the market by pursuing additional education or training in areas like project management, public health and data analytics.



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